I was born and have lived in the First District my entire life. I raised my family here and intend to live here the rest of my life. In Congress, I fight every day for the values that we cherish in the First District: limited government, economic opportunity, and a strong national defense.

– Rep. Buddy Carter

Strengthening National Defense

The primary responsibility of the federal government is to provide for our national defense.  In Congress, I work every day to ensure our military is the best equipped, well trained, and most highly cared for in the world.


Caring for Our Veterans

Our commitment to national defense must extend to our veterans.  I’ve fought to honor the commitments we’ve made to those who put their lives on the line and to improve our veterans health care system.


Limiting the Size & Scope of Government

The best government is that closest to the people.  I will continue working to cut federal spending and reduce the role of government in our lives.


Growing Economic Opportunity & Jobs

Having owned a small business and created jobs, I am keenly aware of what job creators need to expand opportunity throughout South and Coastal Georgia.  I’ve fought to lower taxes and roll back excessive regulations to put Georgians back to work and ensure working families keep more of what they earn.


Reducing Health Care Costs

Forcing Americans to buy coverage they do not want or cannot afford is not the way to reduce health care costs.  We need to return to a system where insurers and providers compete for patients and restore choice.  Government bureaucrats and pencil pushers do not belong in the doctor-patient relationship.